Saturday, January 6, 2018

TRAGG AND THE SKY GODS "Death-Duel" Conclusion our distant past, aliens from Yargon manipulated the DNA of two cavewomen!
Their children, Tragg and Lorn, were the first homo sapiens.
After observing the successful results of their experiments, the Yargonians left.
Two decades later after a bloody revolution on their world, other Yargonians, far less benevolent, landed on Earth.
The now-grown Tragg and Lorn seek to organize resistance to the aliens, whom the cave dwellers consider "gods" due to their technology and appearance!
But one of the aliens, Keera, lusts after Tragg and seeks to slay his beloved Lorn...
Up to this never-reprinted story by writer Don Glut and illustrator Dan Spiegle from Gold Key's Tragg and the Sky Gods #6 (1976), Lorn had been a fairly-passive character, following Tragg around and occasionally acting as a decoy or distraction when he battled aliens, dinosaurs, and other, less evolved cavemen.
This issue presents her in a far more aggressive light as she battles for her life in hand-to-hand combat against the alien who also desires her man!
In what can best be described as an "interstellar soap opera",  the ongoing Keera/Tragg/Lorn triangle continued for the remainder of the series' run, adding a human interest side to this variation of the then-phenomenally popular Chariots of the Gods concept!
As to how this series features dinosaurs hanging around with the cavemen (and aliens), this one-pager explains the matter...
If you'd like to see earlier adventures of Lorn and HERE!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

IT RHYMES WITH LUST! "Chapter 5: CounterPlot!" Part 2

Sometimes it's the woman behind the man...
...who's the real heroine of the story!
Rust Masson secretly runs Copper City's government and it's underworld!
Her ex-lover, newspaperman Hal Webber, runs the Express, also secretly-owned by Rust and used as a propaganda tool.
But Hal has fallen for Rust's step-daughter Audrey, who's convinced Hal to expose her step-mother (though Audrey doesn't know it yet)!
Now the excrement has hit the rotating blades!
Will Hal, with Audrey at his side, stop Rust's plans?
To be continued in...
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Friday, June 2, 2017

WONDER WOMAN "Fight to the Death!"

Art by Carmine Infantino, Irv Novick, and Mike Esposito
The cover pretty much says it all.
Prepare for a classic Silver Age catfight!
Grok has never appeared again, not even in the many reboots that have occurred since Crisis on Infinite Earths...
Written by Bill Finger, penciled by Win Mortimer, and inked by Jack Abel, this tale has never been reprinted in color since it's first appearance in DC's Wonder Woman #177 (1969).
You may wonder about the tag line..."Turn the page for the real END!"
This is the page...
Art by Mike Sekowsky and Dick Giordano
...and the series was about to do the wildest reboot any comic had ever done up to that point!
My buddy, Rip Jagger, can fill you in on that fascinating story, starting HERE!
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(which concludes with the story we're re-presenting...but in black and white!)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

WONDER WOMAN "Captive Queens"

Interplanetary conqueror Klamos wants a super-powered bride!
His troops have been sent to every corner of the universe to round up worthy candidates!
Having captured a de-powered Supergirl by temporarily making Earth's sun red instead of yellow, they now make their move on Wonder Woman...
"...such loyal friends?"
Except for a previous Brave & Bold tale (where they were hardly the best of friends), the two of them never met!
Either way, the mayhem concludes tomorrow!
Don't miss it!
This Bill Finger-scripted, Win Mortimer-penciled, and Jack Abel-inked tale, was totally-different from any of the previously-published Wonder Woman stories!
Not surprising, since none of the creatives had worked on her tales before!
Ironically, this story apparently served as a try-out for Mortimer and Abel, who became regular artists (along with already-established illustrator Kurt Schaffenberger) on Supergirl's two tales per issue in Adventure Comics in 1969!
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(which concludes with the story we're re-presenting...but in black and white!)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

WONDER WOMAN "and Supergirl vs the Planetary Conqueror"

With the new Wonder Woman movie coming out this week... Supergirl concluding her second season (and looking forward to a third on the CW...
...we thought we'd present a kool tale featuring both of them that's never been reprinted in color since its' first appearance in 1968!
A surprise you'll see...tomorrow!
This tale from DC's Wonder Woman #177 (1968) is atypical for a number of reasons.
None of the supporting cast for either heroine appears!
Neither heroine appears in her secret identity!
In fact, neither heroine even shows up until page 5!
Plus, writer Bill Finger, penciler Win Mortimer, and inker Jack Abel weren't the regular creative staff for the book!
(That would be writer Robert Kanigher, penciler Irv Novick and inker Mike Esposito.)
It appears this was a "fill-in" meant to be used for either a blown deadline or (as it turned out in this case) a "space-saver" before a reboot involving a totally-new creative team!
We'll go into that matter at the end of the tale...
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Showcase Presents
Wonder Woman
Volume 4
(which concludes with the story we're re-presenting...but in black and white!)